Applying for Medicaid can seem like a daunting task. With ParentCareUSA, we simplify this process so you can focus on caring for your family member. Our team of Medicaid Application Specialists know the government process, agency caseworkers, and are supervised by Elder Law attorneys, so we can manage your application from start to finish.


ParentCareUSA has been successfully preserving assets and processing applications since 1999.

We do more than just apply for Medicaid benefits. We offer expert advice on Medicaid planning, strategies for preserving assets, as well as prepare the Medicaid applications. Once we have reviewed your situation and determined the best time to apply, our Medicaid Application Specialists maintain close contact with the Medicaid agency caseworker, to assure timely processing of your application. In addition to their substantive experience, all Medicaid Application Specialists are attorney supervised. If there are legal issues, we will work to resolve them with you or the attorney of your choice.


Our ParentCareUSA Medicaid Application Specialists work with you to obtain the benefits needed.

Our Medicaid Application Specialists work to simplify and manage the application process. Medicaid requires volumes of information about your finances, real estate, retirement savings and other assets. This can be confusing and overwhelming, however our Medicaid Application Specialists review and process all your information to submit a complete document to the Medicaid agency.

Begin the assessment process by clicking here and providing us with some basic details. Our Client Services Manager will follow up to discuss the next steps.


We believe that our clients should be well informed about all topics and issues involving their parents and loved ones.

Some Frequently Asked Questions based on our experience working with 2,000+ client families.

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicare is federal health insurance for people over 65 and certain disabled people under 65. Medicare is divided into two parts: Part A, hospital insurance, and Part B, medical insurance. Part A covers inpatient care in hospitals and limited coverage in a skilled nursing facility. Part B covers physician and outpatient services.

Medicaid is a federally mandated program providing long term care and health insurance benefits for low income individuals and families. The program is financed largely through federal funds but is administered by each state through their Medicaid agency. In Massachusetts, the Medicaid program is called "MassHealth".

I thought Medicare pays for everything? Does it?

No. Medicare provides excellent coverage and benefits but unfortunately there are many deductibles and co-payments.

We heard about the 5-year Look Back Period

Simply stated, the "look-back" period of 60 months is the maximum waiting period for certain asset transfers made by an applicant or spouse. Asset transfers, and transfers or gifts to trusts are subject to the same 60-month "look-back" period. When an individual applies for Medicaid to pay for nursing home care, the application requires full disclosure of all financial transactions for the sixty months period immediately preceding the date of the application. These are complicated issues and our ParentCareUSA attorney can help you navigate this process.

When do I need to apply for Medicaid?

It is never too early to start planning and preserving some or all of your wealth. The rules around Medicaid eligibility will vary slightly from state to state and are usually quite complicated. In Massachusetts, an individual is eligible for Medicaid when his/her total countable assets are $2,000 or less.